Plant construction

A development out of practise for practise

Patented low pressure spray pre-treatment system in a transverse flow process

The qualities are:

  • compact
  • small space requirement, thus installable on smallest space
  • clear arrangement
  • especially suitable for replacement of existing dipping/immersion systems, so mostly retrofittable in existing coating plants


  • environment-friendly
  • low water consumption / less waste water
  • optimum use of chemicals
  • thus quality-enhancing


  • efficiently
  • fully automatic
  • high output
  • automatic program run
  • short offset times
  • simple loading of the work pieces because of spraying
  • no rehang before coating
  • thus rational


  • mature and reliable
  • maintenance-friendly
  • proved mechanics/electronics
  • clearly arranged, each chamber visible and accessible
  • on request, post-treatment of the workpieces is possible (e.g. in the event of a jam in the plant) so drying / salinization is avoided
  • thus controllable


  • variable
  • can be set up for a wide range of applications
  • can be converted at very short time to many pre-treatment chemicals,
  • thus fit for the future


Please contact us directly. Thomas Merkenschlager and Frank Dramont are at your disposal under telephone number 0911 / 934 72-15 (head office -0) or under E-Mail


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